About the New Jersey Glass and Metal Contractors Association

Key Documents:
By Laws (PDF)
Constitution (PDF)
The association was formed in 1995, to promote the glass and allied metal industry for the betterment not only of the contractors that work in the industry but also for the consuming public. This mission is funded in part by amounts set aside and paid over to the association through various collective bargaining agreements in force in New Jersey. Presently, these are agreements with both the glazier's union and the ironworker's union. As such, this funding is to benefit not only those contractors that have chosen to join the association as members but all contractors coming in contact with the industry.

The purposes for which this funding is to support are as follows:

  1. To establish and conduct educational programs for the general public, employers, employees, and others pertaining to new techniques, programs, ideas, and methods, which will improve the Glass and Allied Metal Industry and Trade, hereinafter referred to as the "Industry", and make it possible for the industry to be of greater service to the public.
  2. To formulate, institute, and finance programs which will promote harmony and stability of relations between and among employers and employees in the Industry including, but not limited to, maintenance of collective bargaining and elimination or settlement of grievances in conformity with currently existing Collective Bargaining Agreements.
  3. To engage in such public relations and promotional programs as are necessary or desirable to develop and increase consumer demand, increase business activity in the Industry, and develop and maintain maximum job opportunities.
  4. To protect existing standards within the Industry, to improve such standards whenever necessary or desirable, and to keep abreast of new developments in the Industry.
  5. To engage in any proper activity which will increase the efficiency of the Industry, its ability to serve and educate the public, and to promote programs designed to improve the comfort of the public as affected by installations of the Industry.
  6. To sponsor educational activities and research and development within the Industry relating to glass and metal uses, installation, and fabrications.
  7. To aid in the establishment and maintenance of uniform practices separating the Glass and Allied Metal Trade from the general contract in building construction, to advance and promote trade practices seeking to eliminate innate unfair competition, and exploitation of the Glass and Allied Metal Trades and generally to combat efforts and practices harmful to the Glass and Allied Metal Installation and Fabrication Industry.
  8. To advance and encourage the establishment of standardized procedures for job specifications and contract conditions affecting the building construction industry and to confer with owners, architects, engineers, and other interested associations and persons in the furtherance of this purpose.
  9. To make gifts, donations, and grants designed to accomplish any of these purposes.